Prophet Muhammad FAQ

  • What did Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) do in childhood?
Ans: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to tend the sheeps

  • Did he ever take part in entertainment with his fellow children?

Ans: he never did anything mischievous, he did not take part in any of the silly games played by the children of his age.

  • Who took care of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after the death of Abdul Mutallib?

Ans: his uncle Abu Talib

  • When did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) travelled to SYRIA and with whom?

Ans: he travelled to SYRIA with his uncle Abu Talib, when he was 12  years old.

  • How was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) known in society?

Ans: he was known as Al-Ameen(Truthful) and SADIQ (Trustworthy).

  • Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) get any sort of education?

Ans: No, he was illiterate.

  • Was khadija a widow?

Ans: Yes, Prophet was her third husband.

  • How old was khadija when she died?

Ans: she was 65 years old and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was 50 years old.

  • Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Made trade journey after marriage?

Ans: No, he made no trade journey after marriage.

  • Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) marry any other woman during the lifetime of Khadija?

Ans: No.

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