Milad-un-nabi is known as nabi day, as it is the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).many Muslims celebrate this day on 12th of islamic month
Many Muslims send greetings and cards to theirs relatives and loved ones.

In India on the occasion of milad-un-nabi there is a holiday for the entire country.this day is all about Prophet Muhammad's birth.

We never saw in hadith that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or any other prophet celebrated their birthdays or marriage anniversaries. If prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never told us to celebrate birthdays when we should stop doing so.

On this exact day Prophet Muhammad was born and he died on the same exact day. in Islam it is not allowed to celebrate birthdays. What Prophet saw and ALLAH disallow. Celebrating birthdays is Haram in Islam. What is mentioned in the Holy Quran we should do that and what we should  not what is not mentioned as it is the most trusted book of god in Islam. Thus celebrating this day is kind off wrong and we should stop doing it!
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