Obligations of salat

(Obligations) of salat 

A- There are seven fards (obligations) a believer must fulfill before:
he establishes his prayer. These are;

- Ritual Cleanliness
- Actual Cleanliness
- Covering the Private Parts of the Body
- Facing the Qiblah
- Proper lime
- Intention
- Glorifying

B- The other five fard actions, called the Pillars of Prayer, are exe-
cuted during the actual performance of prayer.

- Qiym
- Sajda
- Qadah


Before offering prayers, a believer must first perform
ere are certain conditions of ablution. There are:
-Washing the face once.
Wash the hands up to the wrists once
-Wiping the one fourth of head
- Washing the two feet up to the ankles once
There are also sunnats of ablution. The sunnats of ablution that
must be performed by a believer of perfected faith is as follows:
- Starting by saying "Bismillah."
- Washing the hands up to the wrists, three times
- Rinsing out the mouth with water, three times
- Cleansing the nostrils of the nose by sniffing water into them,
three times
- Wetting the hidden skin below eyebrows, beard and mustache
- Wetting below the eyebrows
- Wetting the protruding part of the beard
- Cleansing the teeth, rubbing them with something if possible
- Wiping both sides of the head once
- Wiping both ears once
- Wiping the back of the neck once with three fingers joined
- Thoroughly wetting the spaces between fingers and toes
- Thoroughly wetting all the organs that needs to be washed.
- Making an inner intention while washing the face
-Washing and wiping both hands, mouth, nose, face, arms,
 and scruff and feet one after the other
- Rubbing the organs that are washed
- Washing every organ one after the other, without any interruption.

obligations of salat
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