parents in Islam


Behave well towards your father and mother and consider this good conduct as a propitious act which will earn Allah's grace in this world as well as in the next. Next to Allah, man owes the greatest obligation to his parents. 
The greatness and value of this obligation towards one's parents may be realised from the fact That the Holy Qur'an at several points mentions the rights of parents and the rights of Allah simultaneously at one place.Furthermore, the Holy Qur'an has ordained the duty of offering thanks to the parents along with thanks giving to Allah.
Be grateful to your parents. Thanksgiving and an acknow-ment of debt and gratitude are the first duties which a beneficiary owes to the Benefactor. It is a fact that the parents are the palpable cause for our existence. Again, it is under their protection and upbringing that we grow up to an age of maturity. The extraordinary self-sacrifice, unparalleled devotion and deep affection with which they patronise us demand that our hearts should be filled with sentiments of reverence, indeb-tedness, love and an acknowledgement of their magnanimity and Every fibre of our heart should pulsate with feelings of gratitude to Them

It is for this reason that Allah has ordained offering of gratitude to parents along with thanksgiving to Him.Always try to make your parents happy. Do not say anything in opposition to their will or temperament which may displeas them, especially when they are advanced in age they acquire peevish and irritable temperament. In old age the parents start making unexpected demands and begin proffering imposdible claims In this case also tolerate their behaviour in good cheer and do not say anything in anger in response to their demands which may cause them pain and may injure their feelings.

parents in islam
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