The Birth of Muhammad

The Birth of Muhammad (570 C.F.)

There was nothing unusual about Äminah's pregnancy or delivery. As soon as she delivered her baby, she sent a message to 'Abd al Muttalib, who was then at the Ka'bah, announcing  the birth of a grandson. The old man was overjoyed at the news and must have remembered on this occasion his loved one 'Abdullah'. He rushed to his daughter-in-law, took her newborn in his hands, went into the Ka'bah and there called him "Muhammad."

This name was not familiar among the Arabs, but it was known. He then returned the infant to his mother and awaited by her side for the arrival of wet nurses from the tribe of nano in order to arrange for one of them to take care of the new born 
Historians have disagreed about the year of birth. 
Muhammad was born in the year 570 A.D. 
Others claim that he born fifteen years earlier. Still others claim that he few days, months, or years, after "the Year of the Some even assert that Muhammad was born thirty and others seventy years later than "the Year of the elephant"
Historians have also differed concerning the month Muhammad's birth although the majority of them agree that it was Rabi' al Awwal, the third month of the lunar year. It also been claimed that he was born in Muharram, in Rajab, or in Ramadän. Furthermore, historians have differed to the day of the month on which Muhammad was born. claim that the birth took place on the third of Rabi' al others, on the ninth; and others on the tenth. However, the majority agree that Muhammad was born on the twelfth(12th) of Rabi' al Awwal, the claim of ibn Ishäq and other biographers Moreover, historians disagreed as to the time of day at which Muhammad was born, as well as to the place of birth.
 de Perceval wrote in his book on the Arabs that after weighing the evidence, it is most probable that Muhammad wag born in August, 570 C.E., i.e. "the Year of the Elephant," and that he was born in the house of his grandfather 'Abd al Muttalib in Makkah. On the seventh day after Muhammad's birth, 'Abd al Muttalib gave a banquet in honor of his grandson to which he invited a number of Quraysh tribesmen and peers. When they inquired from him why he had chosen to name the child Muhammad, thus changing the practise of using the ancegtorg' names, 'Abd al Muttalib answered: 
"I did so with the wish that my grandson would be praised by God in heaven and on earth by men."

birth of Muhammad
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