The Mosque

The Mosque

The mosque is place where Muslims pray,some mosques look like a ordinary house, but most have tall tower , which is called as the minaret or minar. when it is time for prayer the Muadhin(the caller for prayer) goes up the minaret or minar and  from there announces the Adhan.
Adhan is the call for prayer
There are quite a few things to see in the mosque. in a big mosque there are wells or several water taps for the Muslims to wash themselves  before they go to pray.

whenever we enter a mosque, we should take off our shoes there are always  carpets or mats laid out on the floor. but nobody should walk on them with their shoes on, because the  Muslims pray on them
When we  Muslims pray we touch the floor with our foreheads  so it is very important to keep the floor clean and to allow no-one  in wearing shoes.

In the praying hall there is niche, which is called as the  mihrab The mihrab shows where the Qibla is as you all know Qibla is the direction towards which we pray. This direction points to where the Ka'ba is situated in Makkah. The mehrab is there to show us where to face when praying.

Next to Mihrab stands a high staircase.
Which is called the Mimbar this is for the speeches at Friday prayers. The speaker goes up the steps to make all over the world
Where the Muslims live, they have set up mosques or prayer rooms.
When Muhammad(PBUH) came to madina,
The first thing he did was to build a mosque
 The mosque is a place where Muslims pray together to ALLAH

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