Morning Sunnat

Daily Sunnats 
*S. l. As soon as one awakens rub both the palms on the face 
and eyes so that the sleep disappears. 
S.2. On awakening recite the duas: 
Al-hamdu Lil-låhil-ladhiALyånå Ba'da MG Amåtanå 
Wa Ilaihin-nushür. 
"All praises are due to Allåh who has given us life after taking it 
away. And to Him is our raising (on the Day ofQiyåmah)." 
(Shamå 'il Tirmidhi) 
Allåhumma Bika Asbahnå Wa Bika Amsayna Wa Bika 
NaLyå, Wa Bika Namütu Wa Ilaikan-nushür. 
"O Allåh!, With Your help have I started the day and with Your 
help have I started the evening. With (Your pleasure) we live and 
die and to You is (our) raising (on the Day ofQiyåmah)" 
* S— Sunnat 


To make Miswåk on awakening 
Hadrat 'Aisha (R.A) narrates that our beloved Nabi upon 
awakening used to first relieve himself and then make 
miswåk (during_wudu)

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