Manners of Walking in ISLAM

Etiquette/Manners of Walking in ISLAM

Walk with a medium pace. Do not rush to become an object of ridicule for the onlookers, nor drag your feet so wearily thatpeople might think you are ill andquiries after your beo might think you are ill and start making anxious enquiries after your health. The Holy Prophet [S.A.W.] used to take long steps when waling and placed his feet firmly on the ground, he never dragged his feet while walking.
Follow the manners of:
1.Walk with poise and dignity with eyes cast down. Do not hurry.
2. Walk bumbly with even steps. Do not walk arrogantly and proudly. You can't split the earth with a kick nor are you going to scale the heights of mountains. What is the sense then, for striking arrogant and haughty postures in walking?
3. Walk with shoes on. Do not walk bare foot. Shoes protect the feet from injury by thorns, pebbles or other harmful bits and pieces lying on the way, as well as from the bites of deadly insects. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.] observed: "Keep your shoes on most of the time. A person who keeps his shoes on is a kind of rider.
4.Be mindful of good taste, propriety and dignity when walking along the road, Walk with both shoes on, or with both feet bare.It is ridiculous to walk with a shoe on one foot and the other foot bare.Observe utmost care not to display such bad behaviour unless it is inevitable. The Holy Prophet S.A.W observed: "No one should walk with one shoe on. Walk bad taste or improper behaviour unless it is inevitable.
5. Keep the ends of your dress folded in the course of walking to avoid the danger of entanglements. The Holy Prophet S.A.W used to roll up his attire a bit while walking.
6.walk shoulder to shoulder with your compontons to show off your higher rank.
7. Observe the following etiquettes strictly while walking along tiny road. Do not stop or sit on the way with the object of staring at the passers by. If on occasions you must stop or sit on the way, 
you should follow the following six rules: 
i. Keep your eyes downcast
ii. Remove harmful bits and pieces out of the way.
i. Respond to the salutation of others.
iv. Persuade the people to do good and prevent them from
doing evil.
v. Show the way to travellers who have lost direction
vi. Help those who are in trouble or are facing hardship
vii. In the course of a journey, seek the companionship of the good and travelling wirh the wicked.
Viii. Men and women should not walk in a mixed company on the road. The women should avoid the middle path and walk alone the edge of the road. The men should walk apart from the women The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.] affirmed: Collision with a mud-stained swine drenched in stinking alush is tolerabla but a is undesirable that a stranger should rub shoulders with a female."

manners of walking
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