Manners in Islam


Etiquettes(Manners) of:

  • Purity and Neatness
  • Maintenance of Health
  • Dress
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Going to Bed and getting up
  • Walking
  • Travelling
  • Mourning and Grief
  • Fear and Panic
  • Rejoicing

Allah'a favousites are those who make constant efforts to be neat.
and clean. The Holy Prophet [S.A.W.) has observed: "Purity and neatness are half of faith." In other words, Faith partly consists in cleaning one's soul and partly in keeping physically clean and pure. Thep purityand neatness of Boul implies cleansing the soul of all impurities such as infidelity, polythelsm, ain and vice, and embellishing it with righteous beliefs and pure morals. The purity and neatness of the bodydenotos keeping it clear of all external fnith and adorning it withn neatness and good manners.

1. On waking up, clean your hand before putting it in a pot of water. You never can tell where your hands lay during sleep.
2. Do not discharge urine on the floor of bathroom/toilet, especially when its floor is made of soil.
3.When passing stool or urine, do not sit facing the direction ofQ Qiblah nor with your back to Qiblah. Having relieved yourself, use a cloth or water to clean the private parts or purify yourself with water only. Do not use the dung, bone or charcoal for cleaning purpose. When the private parts have been cleaned, scrub your hands with soap or earth and wash them.
4.Do not sit down to eat when your bowels are under pressure.Relieve yourself of urine or stool, before eating.
5.Use your right hand for eating and drinking. For cleaning the private parts of the body or for cleaning the nose, use your left hand only.
6.Discharge urine on soft ground, so that its drops do not splash around Always pass the urine in a sitting posture. However, if the condition of the ground or some real hardship prevents from sitting down, you may urinate in a standing posture. Otherwise,in normal circumstances, it is a very dirty habit and should be strictly avoided.

7. Do not sit down to answer the call of nature on the riverside, this causes inconvenience to others and is derogatory to rules of propriety and good manners.
8.Put on shoes and cover your head with a cap etc.
9.Discharge your nose or phlegm with care in a spittoum, to do so in a place out of the sight of people
10. Avoid putting your finger in the nostrils and clearing the wax of nose too often. Clear the nose and clean it well out df the sight of people, whenever the need arises.
11. Strictly avoid the practice of spitting phlegm into the folds of a habit and must be avoided except when it cannot be helped.

manners in islam

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