The Life of the Prophet :A Chronology

The Life of the Prophet :A Chronology*

Year of the Elephant 9th Rabi Al-Awwal (22nd April 571 AC) Birth of the Prophet: A Makkah father Abdullah had died before his birth.

Age 2-4: He was brought up by his suckling mother Halima christian monk, discovered the prophetic mey for a Makkan He had true dreams; whahtever he dreamt came true Age d0, t year of Prophethood: Ramadan (Augut o 0AC) dispute over the replacement of the Black Stone. Surah A-Muddathir was revealed by whichthe prophetic 6: His mother Amina took him to Yathrib (presently Madinah). She died at Abwa on her way back to Makkah, He was taken into the custody of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib.

Age 8: Abdul Mutialib died. He was, ken in ustody by his uncle Abu Talib who protected him for the following 42 years,

Age 10: He is known to have shepherded goats.

Age 12: Accompanied by his uncle, he travelled up to Basra. Bahirah impression on him and advised his uncle not to take him to Syria where he might be harmed by the Jews. So he came backto Makkah. He witnessed the battle of Fijar and joined Age 39% explicitly. Angel Jibrael conveyed to him the first revelation versesof Surah lqra at mount Hira, outside Makkah. mission started. the ageement of Fudul.

Age 25: He travelled to Syria in a trade journey. On his arrival back he married her. She was forty at that time.

Age 35: Quraish rebuilt the Ka bah. He amicably settled disputeover the replacement of the black stone

Age 39 : He had true dreams; whahteverfie dreamt came true explicitly.

Age 40, 1st year of Prophethood: Ramadan (August 61 OAC) Archangel Jibral conveyed to him the first revelation — first verses of Surah Iqra at mount Hira, outside Makkah. Jibrael showed him how to perform ablution and then led him In a prayer which consisted of two . Makkah.Six months later, the second revelation, first seven verses of Surah Al-Muddathir was revealed by which the prophetic mission started.

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