Islamic Concept of Family A family is the basic institution of any society. It is eessentialfor évery institution to have order and discipline, without which it cannot function or even survive The institution of family is run with the mutualcollaboration and cooperation of husband and wife. 
The Islamic scheme for a family's management is that the woman should be relieved from all other responsibilities in order to focus on the family's internal discipline and stabiliy, while the man should take the onus of meetinge economicneeds. The woman's food, clothing and shelter are counted among the family's economic needs, if both partners are well-off, a servant or helper for household chores is also included in these needs.

The man has to arrange for the expenses of healthcare as well. This is the legal position of Islam on the responsibilities of the husband. In addition, good moral conduct as encouraged can and do everything possible for her comfort and happiness. Although it is true that a woman's home and family are her primary sphere of activity, and that she has been relieved of financial responsibilities to give the best of her time and energy to growth and sustenance of her family, it is not true that she has no right to do anything been shut to her.6 Islamic history shows that, along with paying their duty to family and home, Muslim women have rendered great services outside their homes as well.They have also been involved in economic activities according to the situations in which they found themselves. It is necessary to reflect on different aspects of this phenomenon in the light of Islamic teachings:
1. Sometimes, situations demand that a wife support her husband in earning for the family. This situation, where both husband and wife work to meet the family's needs, is generally seen in the working middle class. However, even a highly educated, professionally trained and skilled woman too may find herself in such a situation that demands her to both work and earn.circumstances, if she adopts Islamically lawful 
2. Women have certain sources of income as well.
 3. There were times when women had to bear a very least in urban areas, women have more time at occupation, she has th For example, a woman receives dower (mahr) from her husband, she owns her jewelry, and Islam has given her a certain share in inheritance.Accordingly a woman may receive money, a plot of land, or property like a shop or house. She is free to invest her assets and holdings in a profitable business and thereby improve her economic situation. heavy burden of household chores and maintenance, including sieving and grinding of grains, cooking, fetching water, washing dishes as well as clothes, sweeping and dusting, etc. along withserving her husband and rearing her children.These were really hard and tiresome duties in whichwomen used to spend almost all of their time Today, we are living in an era of many of the chores that were done manually get done by machines now.

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