Facts about Prophet Muhammad's Birth

Prophet Muhammad's Birth

1. When was Muhammad born ?
Ans:he was born on Monday 9th Rabi ul Awal 22nd April 571 AC. the year was called Amul feel the year of elephant.

2 where was Prophet born ?
Ans: he was born in Mecca a town in Arabia.

3. what is the name of prophets father? Ans: Abdullah Bin Abdul muthalib.

4.what is the name of prophets mother? Ans: Amina Bin Wahab Bin Abd Manaf Bin Zahrah.

5.when did his father died he?
Ans:He died in a trip before Muhammad was born

6. what is the name of prophets grandfather?
Ans: Abdul Muttalib.

7.why did he choose this name?
Ans: Abdul Muttalib wanted him to be thankful to Allah.

8.How old was Muhammad when his mother died?
Ans: he was 6 years old .

9.where did his mother take him ?
Ans: His mother took him to yathrib  (Madinah) to visit her relatives

10.where did she die ?
Ans: on her journey that she died at our end was buried their .

11.who brought Mohammad back to Mecca ?
Ans: his father's slave girl, umm Amina.

12. who took the charge of his care?
Ans: grandfather Abdul muthalib.

13. how long did he take care of him?
Ans: for 2 years
14.How was his  behaviour with Mohammed?
Ans: he loved him too much and preferred him to his own sons.

15.how old was Muhammad when his grandfather Abdul muthalib died ?
Ans: he was 8 years old.

facts about Prophet Muhammad's birth

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