A compass is a very practical instrument. You can tell by looking at it where the North is, so that you can lace your sundial in the correct position. 
Besides,with a compass you can also find out where Qibla is,the direction you should face when praying. As you know, we Muslims always face towards Makkah where the Ka'ba is when we pray. 

The religious and conscientious Muslims made a compass so that they always knew in which direction Makkah was.Should you want to make a compass, the things you would need are a piece of cork, a long thin needle 'or a piece of strong wire, some paper and a magnetic pin.You can make the magnetic pin yourself, even if fiend for a short while. All magnets have two poles.One pole "pulls" and the other pole "pushes" Take the magnet and a sewing needle or pin and rub the tip few times with the magnet, starting from the middle of the magnet right up to one end. After that, the pin should be magnetic.

Now, stick the long thin needle or wire ontó  the piece of cork to make it stand upright. Slide the compass disc with the direction marked on it through the long needle. You can either copy the given diagram of the compass disc or simply cut out the diagram. From the given diagram you can also see how to Mount the magnetic pin onto the needle.

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