Rabi-al-awwal: significance

Rabi-al-awal is that the third(3rd) month in Mohammedan calendaror timetable. middle this month, various Muslims observe Mawlid - the birthday of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad(PBUH). Inspite of the very fact that the right date is unknown, Sunni Muslims trust the date of birth of Muhammad to possess been on the twelth of this current month, tho'Shi'a Muslims trust him to possess been planned on the start of the seventeenth day. The Prophet himself never praised the mawlid, rather urged Muslims to fast on Mondays of systematically attributable to his birthday being "on a Monday". The name Rabi-al-awwal implies the principal month or begin of spring, alluding to its scenario within the pre-Islamic Arabian record book. hence-forward this can be thought to be a particularly honoured month.

  •   Significance:
 The word "Rabi" means that "SPRING" and Al-awwal means that "the first" in Arabic language, therefore "Rabi' al-awwal" means that "the initial spring" in Arabic language. The names looks to own to try and do with the celebration events within the month as "spring" is that the finish to winter (symbol of sadness) and consequently the beginning of happiness. The Arabic calendar being LUNAR CALENDAR, the month is of course rotating over years and Rabī‘ al-awwal may be in spring or the other season each currently so, therefore the which means can't be associated with the particular season.

Rabi-al-Awwal is taken into account as a Blessed Month and has been celebrated worldwide, particularly in , Pakistan, and few other Asian countries.
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