Sunni vs Tabligh: who is right?

Quran has no shiya and Sunni. It is mentioned in Quran be together and follow the Quran. What Quran says believe that.
Making sex in Islam is haram. Prophet Mohhamad was he Sunni or shiya? No he was Muslim.
Which people are on this path are not a good practicing Muslim.
Shiya people hurt themselves in mohorram festival.It is absolutely wrong.follow Allah and Quran.

  • Difference between tabligh and sunni
Tablighi jamaat copy Muhammad in all his customs. The tabligh jamaat is the most successful of the many such groups.
Tabligh is the branch in Islam that considers that there is one God. Tabligh Muslim also follow the word of great Prophet and be an example for others.
They remind all Muslims of his duties.

Sunni is a branch of Islam that has almost same system as that of the tabligh group. One major different that can be seen is that the sunni's believed that Prophet Muhammad was not a mere man. For the sunni's Prophet Muhammad was more than a man who had universal power.
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