Key of Success in Islam.


             Principles  of Success

For success 3 things which are required are given in the Quran.

  1. Trusting Allah, having belief in Allah
  2. Doing hard work
  3. Techniques 
Allah's help is the best help. Following the instructions of Islam will lead you to successfully.You will achieve success if you believe  in God.Islamic principle is consultation ( discussing ) with others.
Thers is not only 1 study there are 2,
One of Islamic and 2nd of this world. You must study both.Pray 5 times of namaz and
Read Quran. Life is full of different  kinds of temptationSuccess choose what is right and good for you and do what Allah say.

Dua for success and for memory
Rabhishrah Lee sadree wayassir Lee amree
Wahlul 'uqdatan min lisanee yaf kahu kawli.

Meaning: O  my lord expand me with my breast, and make my task easy and remove impediment (obstruction) from my speech so that people will understand  me.
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