Islam: a true Religion

 La illaha: there is no God except Allah.

The main proof is  Quran which was written on 22 December 609 CE.

Who created the universe? Answer is Allah.

How is universal came does anyone know?

Scientist had discovered.but before that it was mentioned in only one book "Quran".

how we all got to know that the earth is geo-spherical?

Before scientist discovered was mentioned 1400 years ago in Quran surah Al Naazi'aat Ch.79


In 1990 scientist has proved that earth and sun is revolving but not rotating on its axis 

But that was wrong and aftr 20 years it was proved that earth and sun are rotating on its axis.

But in Quran it was mentioned 1400 years before in surah Al Ambiya Ch.21 V.23.

How water rise and evaporate?

Was spoken in Quran in surah Al Tha aa Ch.20  V.19.

Quran speaks about salt water. Quran speaks about biology. Quran speaks about finger print method . This method came out in 1880 but Quran had already spoken about it 1400 years ago.

Quran is the only book which will give you true knowledge before anyone can.

With the help of Quran scientist can prove there is only one God "Allah" if he is a true person.

Quran was not ony for muslim it was for humanity. For muslim and non- muslim.

For muslim who dont follow islam correctly and for non-muslim to aware them what is right and wrong.
Believe in Allah and follow him and not your own thoughts.
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